30 Minutes Till's plot revolves around a student named Anthony, portrayed by Trenton Hess, who is on the brink of committing suicide. After meeting up with his dealer, portrayed by Colby Nelson, Anthony takes a new drug which takes two hours to kick in and lasts for 30 minutes. 2 hours later, Anthony encounters a series of trippy events in his own home leading him to a much overdue talk with an old friend named Brandon, portrayed by Quinn Graham, however it isn't until after that Anthony finds out Brandon's secret.

30 Minutes Till was filmed with a 200 dollar budget. It all began when creator RJ Zabasky decided he needed to make a new project that is accurate with his new skill set. RJ spent the last 10 months practicing videography and felt these new skills could help set this film apart from his others. After presenting the script to the cast Trenton Hess, Quinn Graham, Colby Nelson, and assistant director Vincent Young, production began underway. 4 days of filming and weeks of post production later and we had the final version of 30 Minutes Till.

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